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Track, analyze and share your cycling training

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Make the most of your Exercycle Smart Bike

Exercycle Connect App

Pair your Exercycle Smart Bike with the Exercycle Connect App via your smartphone or tablet and start pedaling.

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Take your training to the next level.

Train by watt zones or pulse zones and improve your cycling performance. Exercycle Connect offers you the best training alternative with your Exercycle Smart Bike. 

Always in shape

Exercycle Connect allows you to analyze and record your performance via Bluetooth. Power, cadence, pulse and much more. Track these variables in real time or through the training log.

Synchronize and export in real time

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Check the serial number on the sticker of your Smart Bike

*If the serial number of your Smart Bike is previous to AH332690 it will need a change of monitor. Request it here.

Technical service

If your Exercycle is already compatible you are ready to start pedaling!

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