Exercycle Smart Bike

Inspired by the road
Designed for cyclists

The Smart Bikes revolution

BH breaks down the barriers of home training and outdoor routes to offer the user the best experience during the practice of their favorite sport.

Daniel Race

"You can´t hear anything; the fan makes more noise than the bicycle."

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Carlos Coloma

"I have exchanged my roller for the new Exercycle. Comfortable, realistic, and quiet."


Q Factor

The Exercycle has a Q factor of 152mm. It allows the leg position during pedaling to be identical to that of a road bike while enabling the cyclist to generate maximum power with each pedal stroke.

EMS resistance system.

The electromagnetic resistance system allows for very precise and progressive intensity regulation while generating a pedaling sensation very similar to the resistance offered by asphalt to the wheels.

Frame torsion

The frame torsion provided by the Exercycle simulates the lateral movements of a road bike during climbs, as well as the sensation and effort.

Control your parameters

The Exercycle has a multi-screen LCD monitor with all the functions necessary for a complete training session.


Train and compete through the leading virtual cycling apps. Zwift, Bkool, Kinomap, TrainerRoad, Ictrainer or MyWhoos. icTrainer

Track your sessions with Exercycle Connect


Adapts the length of cranks

Adjusts the length of the crank during assembly between 170, 172.5 and 175 mm.

Maximum watts

The Exercycle Smart Bike has generated up to 1,500 watts in realistic situations. Error margin of less than 2%.

Millimetric handle adjustment

Easily adjust the bike´s reach thanks to the multi-position handlebar adjustment.


Get real-time data, FTP percentages, averages and maximums during your training. Cadence, power, distance, speed and more...

Resistance changes

Electronic sequential shifting on levers and monitor.

EMS resistance system.

The electromagnetic resistance system allows a very precise and progressive regulation of the intensity.

Exercycle Connect

Exercycle Connect App allows you to track, analyse and export your training. Train by watts or pulse zones and take your training to the next level.

Emergency brake

Stop the bicycle immediately by pressing the emergency brake.



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